Businesses emerging into corporate are facilitated through this unit, customers featured include service providers, commodity suppliers, suppliers to suppliers who need flexible terms and rapid facilitation. This unit has been configured to guide the business from being an established SME into an emerging corporate. All accounts have a dedicated Business Development Manager to fully manage the customer’s needs. 


Support offered under SME banking is:

Supply Chain Financing.
Business Advisory
Investment Accounts.
Treasury Products [read more on Treasury Products]
Asset Financing.
Commercial Loans.
Invoice Discounting.
Local Cheque Discounting.
Local Bills Discounting.
Trade Finance
Cash Management Solutions
Main Accounts offered at SME Banking are:

Deposits Products

1) CURRENT ACCOUNT: Designed to handle high number of transactions.

With unlimited cash and cheque book transaction, this account gives you the convenience of managing your day to day financial transactions with ease.  The account can be operated in the following currencies:

Kenya Shillings
US Dollars
Sterling Pounds
Your current account can have a sweep facility to any other account within the bank which is a great way of managing your finances without physically having to transfer money from one account to another. As a current account holder you are entitled to discounted rates on banker’s cheques and free monthly statements sent automatically.

Main Features:

Opening balance Kshs. 10,000.00,
Minimum balance: NIL
Access to overdraft (conditions apply)
Sweep facility
Free internal transfers
Free monthly statements

Foreign Current Accounts: Opening balance USD/GBP/EURO 500 ; Cash handling fee 1% on cash deposit

Fixed Deposits Accounts: With very competitive interest rates for your term deposit the bank offers the following options:

a) Fixed Deposits Account with interest paid on maturity. This product offers the client an opportunity to choose whether interest should be compounded or paid to an operative account upon maturity of the deposit. Renewal is automatic if the client so wishes & the account can be opened in either local or foreign currencies. The minimum balance is Kshs. 100,000/=.  This account has no charges.
b) Fixed Deposits Account with interest paid monthly for the life of the deposit. Renewal is also automatic & the minimum balance is only Kshs. 1,000,000/=
Flexi fixed Account.  This is ideal for businesses running an Overdraft account, as it acts as security for the overdraft as it can be accessed in time of need


The Bank offers the following products as part of their advances portfolio;

Term Loans – These loans are basically advanced for the purchase of assets & the client may choose to pay through either equated or non-equated installments to suit the individual requirements.
Asset Finance - Advanced for either purchase of motor vehicles or  machinery. The client may pay through equated or non equated   installments to suit individual requirements.
Overdrafts – These facilities are offered to our clients to assist them meet their day-to-day working capital requirements