Focused attention is on the individual, providing versatile savings, transaction and investment account for wealth creation that offer customer centric services at a very affordable rates. Every customer enjoys the support of a customer service officer and personal banker.

Retail Banking Products:

Transaction Accounts

a) Current Acc. (Ksh, USD, GBP, and EURO): Unlimited transactions for all your personal, business and corporate requirements with cheque book facility.

b) Kisima Financial Solution: An all in one financial solution that provides convenience and multiple access in a flat fee environment, that is bundled with Cheque book facility, unlimited free ATM transactions, SMS banking, Internet banking and much more.

c) Chequing Plus: A personal current account that gives the best of both worlds, allowing access to your account through a cheque book facility and giving interest on idle funds. The higher the balance, the more you earn.

d) Pesa Account: A cost effective salary account with ATM access countrywide. 

Savings Accounts

a) YoungStar: Young savers below the age of 18, starting at Kshs. 1,000 shilling plus a home savings kit and an array of discount partners for shopping, fun and games.

b) Pure Savers: Exact solution to save and earn higher interest on higher savings with no account maintenance charges.

c) Target Account: Achieve your dreams and goals with target. It allows you to set your savings target and the period to achieve them through sweeping funds from your operative account to meet your desired goals. In addition it offers a competitive interest rate growing with your savings.

d) Flexi Fixed: A highly innovative account that allows you to budget your requirements and automatically sweeps all amounts above the budget to a high yielding term deposit product. It also gives the flexibility to re-invest the interest earned or credit the account with your interest. You can also borrow against your funds and liquidate the fixed deposit on a Last in, First out basis thus maximizing returns.

d) Fixed Deposit Account: A high yielding account with a variety of tenors that guarantees maximum returns to suit individual needs.